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We welcome you to IJMBE registration website. Our Citadel of Learning is located in all states in Nigeria. We are an educational body with a tactile of excellence, out to make a difference, exceeding all the expectations of the mediocre structure and system in the present day Nigeria educational profession. IJMB has helped a lot of students reach the Highest Height of their academic career with Hardwork and Perseverance that gives birth to Excellence. We also have as a mission, to bridge the gap between our students and all that they need as requisite in becoming all that God has ordained them to be and becoming the best they can be both in their talents and attitudes. As a bridge between our students and their desired tomorrow, we institute a means to ameliorate and eventually annul the effect of substandard teaching and learning processes and corruption that has flooded and almost eroded the proper education in and of our society at large. Our vision is to help students' whose dream of getting admitted into a University have become a dilemma, gain that admission, thereby, fulfilling their dreams. Register with us today and let's build your career together.

To get IJMB form is very simple. You do not need to be in a specific area to obtain the IJMB form, as long as you have a close-by cyber cafe, mobile phone, tablet or laptop that is connected to the internet for the purpose of IJMB registration.

Steps In Applying For IJMB Programme
You Are to fill the Online IJMB Registration Form (Click Here to Fill IJMB Form Now)

Should you decide to study with us and want to register for our coordinated exams, then follow the instructions on our application page.

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We focus on administering a well-grounded educational experience aimed at creating an exposure to vast cultures, for the development of diverse and well equipped minds. Choose to study a degree home or abroad with us and get an education that would be the best thing you ever do. As the world becomes more globalised, getting a degree is something that has become increasingly popular and attractive. With us, you can find your way to the University of your choice. You're sure to find an examination adequate for you that will suit your career and way of studying and help you into the desired university of your choice.


The Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) is a qualifying examination into Nigerian and Foreign Universities. The examination is primarily for Advanced Level subjects for Direct Entry into 200 level in the Universities.

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Students awaiting O-Level results can also apply to join the IJMB program. Such students can decide to take another O-level exam before the completion of the IJMB program or register for IJMB 0-Level subjects if not more than Mathematics and English Language.

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International Studies

We also specialize in helping you to secure admission abroad and making you ready for international studies in all affiliated institutions abroad.


Here at IJMB, we have as a mission, to bridge the gap between our students and all that they need as requisite in becoming all that God has ordain them to be and becoming the best they can be both in their talents and attitudes. Our IJMB program is just one of the ways we build the careers and lives of our students. We do not only have intensive and quality lectures but also help our students gain guaranteed admission. Our study centers are located all over the country with hostel facilities and a very conducive learning environment.

Advantages of IJMB over JAMB UTME

  1. The IJMB result does not expire, unlike your JAMB UTME that has only one year validity.
  2. You can still be doing it and apply for JAMB if you want to kill two birds with a stone
  3. It guarantees higher CGPA in the university because you're made to understand the rigours of the University system. Moreso, you'll be graded over 3years, andnot four years like others who used JAMB.
  4. Candidates applying via IJMBE are more guaranteed to secure University Admission because they have low ratio of applicants compared to JAMB UTME.
  5. I have come across with many educated parents that told me, if my children don’t use IJMB result to gain admission into university, doesn’t really bother me, all I want from them is to have the first-hand experience with A’level program before gaining admission fully to university – yes, this is what is seen in other advanced climes, you just have to go through a year with Advanced program before gaining admission fully to university of choice.


Admission into higher institution in nigeria has been an unending issues as students await UTME year after year hoping the next UTME might be the possible solution to their admission related issue, however, national estimation has shown that UTME is not the best alternative for securing admission stating that only 20% of the annual UTME candidates ends up securing admission successfully with the Post UTME as Post UTME has been proved to be another barrier to securing admission into university, this simply means yearly, only 320,000 out of over 1,600,000 JAMB(UTME) aspirants gain admission successfully, however it has been proven that IJMB is best alternative.

Some opportunities only comes once in a lifetime. You can choose to study IJMBE today. Take the Right Step Now!!